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    Thread: Xbox 360 Jtag or RGH Hack Easy Update to Dashboard 17502 with XeBuild GUI

    1. InsaneNutter

      Xbox 360 Jtag or RGH Hack Easy Update to Dashboard 17502 with XeBuild GUI

      This guide aims to cover everything required to update your Jtagged / Reset glitch hacked (RGH) Xbox 360 to the latest 17502 Kernel / Dashboard. I have tried to make the guide as detailed as possible so people of all skill levels can follow it successfully. It might look complicated at first, however the process is pretty simple. I have just included a lot of photos / screenshots to try and cover everything from start to finish.
      This is an update of my older tutorial, using the latest applications and dashboard as of May 2016.
      I have provided all the tools / files you will need to complete this guide, however there are a few things will you need to provide yourself as they are unique to your console, these are:
      • A dump (copy) of your current Freeboot nand
      • Your CPU key

      The four main parts of this guide are:
      1. How to dump (backup) your current Freeboot nand
      2. How to findout my consoles CPU key
      3. Building your new nand
      4. Flashing the new nand to the Xbox 360.

      Quick Note: If you are a Jtag user upgrading from XBR 8955 you would be best off upgrading to FreeBoot 9199 first, people have had a lot more success updating to 9199 first, then going to the latest 16 as covered in this tutorial. If you are on 8955you can follow this tutorial here to update to 9199. If you are on 9199 or higher just proceed with this tutorial.
      1. How to dump (backup) your current Freeboot nand:
      We are going to take a copy of your consoles existing nand, xeBuild will now extract your current smc.bin, kv.binand smc_config.bin straight from this backed up nand, it should also mirror any existing block remappings from the to the new nand you are building.
      This means you do not need to provide any additional files other than a backup or your nand, or worry about remapping bad blocks your self.
      Basically if you have a working Jtag you should be able to update very easily by following this guide.
      To dump (copy) your nand from the Xbox 360, we will use a program called “Nand Flasher 360”. Note: This will work for Jtags, if you have a RGH console you would be advised to use your original nand dump, I have been informed not doing so will cause some people problems.
      Download Nand Flasher 360
      When you have Nand Flasher 360 downloaded, unzip it, then copy it to your USB drive
      Connect the USB drive to your console and load Nand Flasher 360 with your favourite file manager.
      When Nand Flasher 360 has loaded select Dump Nand / Flash on the right menu, the nand should then dump to your USB drive as a file calledorig_nand.bin
      Note: If you are unsure if your console is an Xenon, Zypher, Falcon, Jasper 16mb, Jasper 256mb or Jasper 512mb now would be a good time to make a note of it. As you can see in the image below the revision of
      the console and nand size is displayed, you will need to know this later on:
      Once the dump has finished you can connect the USB drive to your computer and copy the orig_nand.bin off it.
      2. How to findout my consoles CPU key:
      You should already know your consoles CPU key, however if you do not it's pretty easy to find it out.
      1. First: Connect the 360 to the TV with the Component or VGA cable (Xell / Xellous do not not work with HDMI so you will just get a black screen)
      2. Power on the console with the DVD eject button
      3. Have a camera ready
      4. Wait until the fuse sets are shown
      5. Take a photo quickly as they will usually scroll off the screen fast
      6. Combine fuse sets 3 and 5 or 4 and 6, this will give you the consoles CPU key

      Fuse set example:
      (Image found on Google)
      Take line 3 and 5:
      3= E42D681ED06A6D1C
      5= 1FFD8E48C56A2058
      So my CPU Key is: E42D681ED06A6D1C1FFD8E48C56A2058
      Now you have your current nand and CPU key we can build an updated nand.
      3. Using XeBuild and building your new nand:

      You will need to downloadthe following:
      xeBuild GUI 2.098 - This will build the latest 17502 dashboard for your Jtag or RGH hacked Xbox 360.
      Download, unzip and then load up XeBuild. You should be presented with the screen as shown below:
      You have 3 steps to follow now:
      1) Open your existing nand, this is the nand you dumped earlier in this tutorial with Nandflasher 360
      2) Enter your CPU key, all the settings you need should be read from your existing nand.
      3) Generate a hacked image
      Note: You should have a green check in each of the box's at the bottom of the Xebuild application
      After the new nand is built when this is shown press "Cancel" so you can see the build log:
      As shown in the screenshot below:
      1) Check the build log for any errors
      2) Your newly built nand will be here
      3) Name of your newly built nand
      4. Flashing the new nand to the Xbox 360:
      Note Jtagged consoles can flash the Nand from the Dashboard with Nand Flasher 360, RGH users must flash from Xell.
      Jtagged Xbox 360 Nand Flashing:
      Download Nand Flasher 360if you have not already, and unzip this to your USB drive.
      Now copy the updflash.binyou just built to the USB drive.
      Now we need to load NAND Flasher 360 on the console, do so using your favourite file manager, XEX Menu or FreeStyle Dash will work fine.
      Simply browse the files on the USB memory stick and load Nand Flasher 360:
      On the right menu select “Write NAND / Flash”
      This will bring up a file browser, select the USB drive
      Now select your updflash.bin, you will be warned not to press anything on the console as it is flashing.
      Press ok and the nand will be flashed to the console.
      After the flashing has finished it will be verified, all been well your nand will have been flashed successfully.
      Press the on-screen button “shutdown” to turn the console off.
      Unplug the power brick and leave it disconnected for two minutes (or turn the 360 off at the plug)
      Re connect the power brick, power the console on and if everything has gone ok your console should boot in to the 17502 Dash.
      RGH Xbox 360 Nand Flashing:
      Copy the updflash.bin you just built to the USB drive.
      Now power the Xbox 360 console off and plug your USB drive in to the Xbox 360's USB port. Next power the Xbox 360 on with the eject button. This should launch Xell.
      As can be seen below theupdflash.bin should be found on the USB drive and flashed to the consoles nand.
      After the update has finishedUnplug the power brick and leave it disconnected for two minutes (or turn the 360 off at the plug).
      Re connect the power brick, power the console on and if everything has gone ok your console should boot in to the 17502Dash.
      You can verify the console is on the 17502 by looking in system settings.
      Thats it your console should be updated! good luck and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer.
      5. FAQ:
      How do I restore the avatar and kinetic data so i can use my kinect?

      Restoring the avatars is simply a case of you running the official Microsoft 17502 update, only do this after you have upgraded to the 17502 dashboard using this tutorial. If you run an update on a Jtag with a higher dashboard than you are currently running you will find that you no longer have a Jtag.
      The Xbox 360 Kinect Dashboard Update can be downloaded here
      Simply extract the $SystemUpdate a Fat32 formatted USB drive, you will have to rename the update folder to$$ystemUpdate if you have installed DashLaunch. DashLaunch is installed by default if you follow this tutorial to the letter.
      Just insert the USB stick in to the 360 and you will be asked to update, say yes and the 360 will re start and your avatars will be restored.
      There you go, you now have the 17502 dashboard on your Jtag with working avatars.

      How do i format my USB drive to Fat 32?

      Go to My Computer, right click on the USB drive and select format
      Select Fat 32 and Default allocation size, then press start.

      After updating i can no longer play games from a DVD, how can i fix this?

      When building your nand in XeBuild, towards the right hand side under the special patches menu check "disable fcrt.bincheck", then re-buld and flash the nand. Games played from DVD should then work fine

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